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I created this app as a place for you and your friends to coordinate on party playlists. Using the Spotify web API, a user can OAuth into the application to create new playlists or search for an existing playlist. They can add songs, listen and chat with their friends. This is a MEAN stack app that also uses websockets.


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A place to remember what you drank and where you drank it. A user can add a name, ingredients, image and location of their favorites drinks. The data is saved to an API database that then gets called from the front-end to display. This app was created using Ruby on Rails and AngularJS

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A server can use this application to create parties and orders. They can also modify orders and menu items. CRUD app using Ruby on Rails and Skeleton. To login to this site, USERNAME: test P/W: test

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Depending on the weather, a user can filter his/her search results to several different indoor or outdoor events. Created using several API's, node.js and semantic-ui. To login to this site, USERNAME: friend P/W: test

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This app is used to make an inventory of the items in your kitchen, and their amounts. This is a full MEAN stack application which uses an API database to post, delete, and get information.


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Modified version of the dice game Yahtzee. Built using Javascript, CSS, and HTML.