Web Design and Development

Groove Music

Technologies: MEAN Stack, Spotify API, web sockets

I created this app as a place for you and your friends to coordinate on party playlists. Using the Spotify web API, a user can OAuth into the application to create new playlists or search for an existing playlist. They can add songs, listen and chat with their friends.

Rain or Shine

Technologies: Node.js, Weather API, Eventbrite API, Eventful API

Depending on the weather, a user can filter his/her search results to several different indoor or outdoor events. Created using several API's, node.js and semantic-ui.

Troppo Restaurant

Technologies: Fully C.R.U.D. app, Ruby on Rails, Skeleton CSS Library

A server can use this application to create parties and orders. They can also modify orders and menu items.


Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS

A place to remember those delicious drinks and where you drank them. A user can add a name, ingredients, image and location of their favorites drinks. The data is saved to an API database that then gets called from the front-end to display.


Technologies: MEAN stack

This app is used to make an inventory of the items in your kitchen, and their amounts. This is a full MEAN stack application which uses an API database to POST, DELETE, and GET information.


Technologies: Javascript, CSS, and HTML

Remade/modified version of the dice game Yahtzee.