My Process

I follow a GV-based design sprint process with a team of engineers, stakeholders, subject matters, and a project manager.


Initial Prep

The project manager and myself first meet with the stakeholders to understand their business goals and get overall context of the project. If this is an upgrade to a current project, we also speak to members of the Customer Experience team to understand current pain points from customers. We set a project plan and timeline so there is sufficient time for development.

  • Internal Discussions
  • User Goals and Needs
  • Business Metrics
  • Sprint Planning

Understand & Explore

At this point, we include subject matter experts (SMEs) and the engineering team to gain better understanding of the project details, dependencies, and potential hurdles. As a team, we do some sketching exercises, such as crazy 8s and whiteboarding workflows, to map it out. Some other processes that are done at this stage are:

  • User Personas
  • SME Interviews
  • Journey Maps
  • User Flows
  • Feasible/Versatile vs. Importance
  • Feature Prioritization
  • Documentation
  • Client Deliver Strategy

Define & Prototype

This stage of the process allows me to brainstorm new concepts or refine existing ideas. I first create simple wireframes, either paper-wireframing or in programs such as Balsamiq. Once myself and the PM agree on the wireframes, I create at least two different version of prototypes in Sketch.


Test & Learn

With those prototypes created in Invision, I create an A/B testing plan both internally and externally. The PM and I take turns asking questions while the other documents the session. We gather all the necessary feedback and then go through as many rounds of prototype iterations/testing as necessary. After that stage is completed, I work with the engineers to ensure they have the necessary tools and files for development and that everything run smoothly.